Trevor Milton

After a tumultuous month of fraud allegations resulting in his resignation from Nikola and recent sexual assault allegations, Trevor Milton has fallen on trying times. In an effort to get back on his feet, Milton has formally launched a new start-up based on harnessing the power of helium.

Milton believes this new start-up could change the world and put smiles on people’s faces for years to come. In a press release announcement Milton said, “I’m excited to announce I will be harnessing the power of helium by compressing this gas and then storing it in a uniquely designed pressure vessel. The proprietary process will then slowly release the helium into a nano-thin bladder that will expand into many times its deflated volume, which can then be manipulated into an infinite number of shapes. I see tremendous opportunities for this technology.”

When pressed for more information, Trevor Milton was unable to provide documentation to back up his claims. However, sources inside the new start-up have leaked photos to The Stonk Market of Milton at work in his research laboratory perfecting his technology.