Exclusive Interview: 4th Generation CEO Describes Merit Based Approach to Management


By Scott Leaseburge

“I’m just trying to find the best and brightest people and bring them together to find the smartest solutions, like any experienced leader would”, explains Henry Robin from his home in Aspen with his beautiful wife Silvia “Spoon” Robin.

Mr. Robin, CEO and 4th generation owner has led Robin & Huslin LLC for nearly 20 years during which time the company has seen accelerated growth. He attributes his executive management as a significant factor in that growth. Mr. Robin details, “My CFO, we go way back to our Lacrosse days. His parents were even more loaded than mine, so he always had the nicest cars and the biggest bar tab. It was always obvious to me that the best CFO’s are the ones that know money. And who knows money better than someone who is always spending it? The only difference is at Robin & Huslin we spend investors’ money”.

Lately though Robin & Huslin LLC has come under criticism due to claims of excessive executive compensation and a collapse in stock price. When responding to large executive bonuses and luxury items noted in the press including: fountains flowing with Dom Perignon in the lobby, Egyptian artifacts on display and the oddly out of place Chicago (the band) style telephone booth that seems to leave users with irritating allergy symptoms such as the sniffles; Mr. Robin has clarified, “Attracting and keeping the best talent can be difficult. People need to feel incentivized to work or they will not deliver the high standards we expect from those working here at Robin & Huslin. A recent situation comes to mind. A member of the executive management experienced an untimely loss. Their father, a 3rd generation rancher and significant mineral rights owner, suddenly passed away from an apparent suicide shortly after returning from the Caribbean on the Lolita Express. Compounding on his distress was the sudden realization that the fortune he inherited would not only secure his financial independence but also of his children’s children. At this point we realized we had to offer more than just money; it is like buying a birthday present for someone who has everything. We had to really raise the stakes if we were going to keep him on board”.

While Mr. Robin notes that Robin & Huslin LLC does have a HR department and recruiters that could potentially screen other candidates to fill a vacancy, he prefers to save such hires for the “value” employees not the executive staff. Value employees, he elaborates are “cheap, disposable and work simply fine, kinda like fast food after a long night out suckering an investor. Some might say they create the real value at Robin & Huslin LLC but I own the stock, what do they own?”

For priority positions Mr. Robin insists he needs someone with the family history to have enough dirt on them that if the Feds decide to raid one day, he or she will know how to keep their mouth shut. And for that he says you get what you pay for.

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