The Stonk Market is pleased to announce that an exclusive line of clothing from Chadford Whitmore VI has officially been launched.

Please visit the clothing store here, before reading further to place your order.  THESE WILL RUN OUT SOON AND PRICES WILL DOUBLE IN THE NEXT 10 MINUTES.

Rich By Birth

This new line of clothing was lovingly hand-stitched and exploited by foreign Nike workers located in the sweatiest of sweatshops known to man.  Only 25 children died from making this line of clothing!

The new exclusive line of Chadford Whitmore IV clothing starts at a bargain price of $999/shirt.  There has been quiet the anticipation for this clothing line to launch with millions of pre-orders.

As a loyal Stonk Market reader, we are allowing you to buy this handcrafted 100% cotton shirt for $999/shirt before the prices double.

Please place your orders now.  You don’t want to miss out.