An extremely disturbing page on Facebook popped up in the last few months. The Facebook page is called, “Extremely Beautiful Boys” and is full of pictures of young boys. 27,331 people like the page with 28,806 people following it.

Extremely ugly kids.PNG

From what we can tell, the pictures of these young men are not nude or sexual.  Nonetheless, the comments on these pictures are disturbing and troubling.

We have taken screen shots of a few posts.

example post one comments

Post two

Post two reviews

Post three

Comments post three

Post four

Post four comments

Post five

Post five comments

We have also taken screen shots of some of the reviews of the page.

Creepy review

nasty review two

nasty review

review one

review two

review real.PNG

review four

REview with FBI tag

Please report this page to Facebook. This should be taken down. Share this article to get the page exposure. Tag the FBI in the comments.