Fentanyl has been known as a deadly drug throughout the world. In the past few years it has been a #1 killer throughout the United States in the past few years. But recently there has been high hopes for the drug. The drug has been proven to prevent Covid infections.

The scientific community first began to notice how the drug was working against Covid by studying a group of bums living under a bridge. The scientist fist noticed that this specific group of individuals could shoot up this potent drug all day and never get any Covid infections.

The group of scientist then took their group of bums to the laboratory and saw their blood under the microscope. They realized that the Fentanyl compounds put the deadly virus asleep. The research group took their test to the streets and offered Fentanyl to many test subjects. They are currently awaiting their results of the test subjects but the outlook is looking good for going further with the research.