Jim Cramer High school
Jim Cramer's Senior Picture

Jim Cramer, best known for being the figure head of Mad Money, has become one of the most popular faces on CNBC.  Before becoming the popular media figure Cramer ran a hedge fund and also co-founded TheStreet.com.  Because of the popular figurehead Jim Cramer as become, we have decided to go through his old yearbook in Springfield Township High School in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and find his old senior photos.

Please enjoy these five shocking photos of Jim Cramer in High School where he had a full head of hair.

Jim Cramer High school
Jim Cramer’s Senior Picture
Jim Cramer in a suit
Jim Cramer was born in a suit
Jim Cramer high school
Jim Cramer in group photo
Jim Cramer with a full head of hair
Jim Cramer is seen on the end in his only suit
Jim Cramer playing soccer
Jim Cramer playing soccer