Good investors find value in bull markets, but great investors find value in even the worst market conditions. In the midst of a historically large market drawdown, some of the greatest financial minds are turning to the porn industry for gains. Many businesses are closing stores and struggling to maintain revenues as state-wide “stay-in” orders are starting to take place throughout some of the largest states like New York, California, and Illinois. But the porn industry will likely benefit from millions of people being trapped inside with nothing to do. “I’m going to be greedy while others are horny and fearful,” said Warren Buffett on the potential of pornographic businesses.

Many other famous investors have echoed Buffett’s sentiments. “I haven’t jerked it this much since I saw the bubble in the British currency market in 1992,” says George Soros, “this opportunity could be the money-shot investors have been looking for.” Bill Ackman has placed a 1 billion dollar investment into popular porn site Bangbros, while Carl Icahn put 1 billion into a main competitor Brazzers. Blackrock has opened a new ETF, the Marginal adult Investment Lifetime Fund $MILF which will begin trading on the NYSE very soon. 

The porn market is a great hands-on opportunity for any retail investor. “I highly recommend buying into porn now,” says Ray Dalio, “it will be like your savings account is getting showered with gold.”

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