Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has caused a frenzy in the media by suggesting Florida secession from the union after Biden proposed a 43.4% capital gains tax hike.

Ron DeSantis stated, “President Biden’s proposed gains tax is insane. Florida is a state of proud people, and like the average American most Floridians have millions invested into the stock market. This capital gains tax would increase poverty in waves until the average Florida person only retires with $1.2 million instead of 3. I won’t stand for it, if President Biden continues to make these radical changes to the nation we need to have a serious discussion about secession. We will not be bullied by the libtards in Washington DC into giving up our funds to pay for their shit policy, this is the greatest attack on the American people perhaps since 9/11.”

After making this shocking statement at an emergency press conference DeSantis left the press pool stunned, when asked questions DeSantis simply walked away and refused to elaborate.

However several hours after the press conference DeSantis tweeted. “I am assembling a legal team to see Florida options for possible secession, I hope President Biden takes this as serious as I am.”