Carl Loke

FT. LAUDERDALE AIRPORT, Florida – A Florida man, named Carl Loke, age 24 has been arrested at Ft Lauderdale Airport after attempting to take a bomb with him on a flight to New York. He was quickly detained by TSA and US Marshals before he could board the plane.

Authorities have revealed to The Stonk Market the chilling details about what he planned to do with the bomb.

“He was planning to fly to New York, get off the plane, go to Wall St. and blow up the Wall Street Bull statue to send a message.” Sheriff Gregory Tony said.

“I wanted to send a message and send fear in Wall Street,” Loke said.

“But not like in a 9/11 kind of thing, more like a bombing that wouldn’t really hurt anyone but make my puts print so I could live like a king a belize kinda way.” Loke added.