A recently fired Florida Man emptied an entire septic tank into his boss’s pool. The Florida man jumped in the pool when cops arrived and told them to “come get me”.

florida man
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An ex-investment banker in the Southern portion of Florida was fired from his job for lewd behavior, coming to work intoxicated and selling cocaine out of the bathroom at work. To get back at his boss, the Florida man emptied an entire septic tank in his boss’s swimming pool.

“When I got home from work, I smelled something so rank I almost puked,” the boss of the ex-investment banker stated. “I looked outside in the backyard and saw the guy I recently fired standing outside of my pool looking like a proud honor student. Then I realized he filled my entire pool with turds and pee.”

The boss of the ex-investment banker immediately called the police. “I didn’t even approach the guy. I locked my doors and called the police.”

When the police arrived on scene the Florida man jumped into the turd filled swimming pool and told the police to come get him if they want him so bad.

“I wasn’t about to jump in the turd filled pool,” the cop on scene told us. “I definitely don’t get paid enough to go swimming in pee and poo poo.”

The police waited until the Florida man passed out from the fumes of the turds baking in the hot Florida sun.

The Florida man is being held in jail and awaiting his arraignment.

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