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A Florida man was arrested today for printing over a thousand pictures of Yanet Garcia’s butt in a local Office Depot.

Local Office Depot employees state, “a man in a long, leather overcoat waltzed into the Office Depot and asked if he could use the printer.”

“We had him sign a few papers saying how much it would cost and what he could not print, the procedural stuff ya know?”, local Office Depot loser stated. “We never thought he would print those lude pictures, especially in front of the children.”

Before the loser Office Depot employees knew it, the creepy Flordia man had printed off over one thousand pictures of Yanet Garcia.

“It was total insanity in the store by the time we got there,” Officer Sanders told local news stations. “Men were trying to pocket the pictures of Yanet without their wives seeing, children were confused about how a booty could get so large, and a local Florida woman was screaming, ‘what about the children’.”

The picture the man printed off was posted on Yanet’s Twitter profile a few days back. The picture displays a picture of her ass and a beach in the background.

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  1. […] It all started in the late evening on a Friday night. The moon had one of those glows where you knew something fucked up was going to happen. It was one of those feelings where you knew you didn’t want to be caught outside with a bunch of people from Florida – especially those rachet Florida Men. […]

  2. They have beaches with bits showing in Florida and girls sales must been a big fat woman who complained about the girls butt and the children fat but women

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