Florida – A Florida man was arrested Tuesday for having sex with Olaf from the movie “Frozen” inside of a Target.

Source: ABC Local 10 News

Cody Meader, otherwise known as Florida Man, humped a stuffed animal (Olaf) from the movie Frozen in Target this Tuesday and proceeded to hump a stuffed unicorn.

The following is a recap of the police report thanks to the Smoking Gun:

“DEF entered the above location during business hours and approached a  display of Disney Frozen merchandise and selected a large Olaf stuffed animal; DEF then proceeded to lay it on the floor and “Dry Hump” the item until he ejaculated onto the merchandise, before placing it back on the display. The DEF then entered the toys department where he selected a large unicorn stuffed animal and began to “dry hump” this item. The items were removed from the store floor and the DEF was detained while still inside the store; The DEF was read Miranda and admitted to doing “stupid stuff” and admitted that he had “Nutted” on the Olaf stuffed animal. DEF has a history of doing this behavior via his Father (not on scene). The merchandise could not be re-sol and destroyed due to circumstances.” 

Not sure if this is Cody’s Twitter page or someone else’s but this is very interesting…


God, all I can think is what those poor stuffies went through. I hope they got some grievance consoling after the traumatic event with the Florida Man.


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