FloridaAuthorities are searching for a Florida man wanted for peeing in multiple shampoo bottles in the southern Florida district of Dade County. The man is also wanted for pulling out his pubes and sticking them in multiple sour cream cheese containers. Security cameras show multiple occurrences across a variety of stores. Police have stated that you should proceed with extreme caution if you see this man. He has a history of urinating on and biting local Florida bystanders and is obviously psychotic.

Source: The Smoking Gun

A Florida man is on the lose and wanted for questioning by police for urinating inside of shampoo and conditioner bottles and for pulling out his pubic hair and sticking them in sour cream cheese containers at a local chain grocery store. The man has been spotted at over 15 locations doing this.

One video footage (that was released by the police) shows the man rushing into a local grocery store – like he has to pee really bad – and urinating inside of 17 shampoo and conditioner bottles in front of an elderly lady. While he was peeing, the elderly lady is shown smacking him with her purse and calling him a pervert and “little dick”. The man proceeded to continue to pee inside of the shampoo and conditioner bottles while the elderly lady was smacking him.

After he was done peeing, he walked over to where the sour cream cheese is at and pulled his pubes out – one-by-one – and stuck them inside of the containers. The man proceeded to crack an egg over his junk and walk out of the store. There have been reports and additional video footage showing this man do the same routine at multiple stores.

Authorities state this man is extremely dangerous and psychotic. The man has a history of defecating on people and also biting them like bath salt induced zombie. Proceed with extreme caution if you see the man. Please call the following number if you have seen the man: 1-888-447-5594.

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