Tucker Carlson Fed's

Popular conservative Fox News talk show host Tucker Carlson caught heat after a segment on his show where he stated “Dogecoin, bitcoin and other similar pseudo digital currency is a tool of the Chinese communist party”.

Tucker states “The United States dollar is the strongest currency in the world and always will be, no other currency comes close, whether that be Chinese Yuan, or digital currencies. These crypto currencies are fraudulent scams being pushed by the Chinese communist party in a sad attempt to weaken the US Dollar. Unlike Chinese Yuan, the United States dollar is not artificially inflated, and is backed by the strongest nation Earth.”

This clip trended viral on Twitter with concerned citizens of both parties calling the segment outrageous. One Twitter user, “dogearmy42069” said in a tweet “Tucker is the biggest cuck of all time, I bet this clown would have a stroke if you tried to explain what the blockchain is to him, or perhaps he is playing retarded to buy a Doge dip with his own wealth. Nope this ain’t it Tuck, fuck you.”