France: smelly, rude, stinky cheese, wine, obnoxious communist, and hairy women. These are all things that make up the French culture. It is the land of opportunity seen by many West Africans. These refuges make their way to Northern Africa, then face the triecious seas only to find themselves in France.

Once refuges find themselves in France they quickly want to leave. We spoke to one immigrant from The Gambia named Mamadou Diallo. He spoke of his homeland and why he relocated to France. “There isn’t any work to be found in West Africa since the start of the cornoavirus pandemic. No jobs, no money, no future. I must provide for my family” stated Diallo in a interview.

He went on to state his hatred for the French people calling them rude and smelly. He dreams of going to Britain but the waters are dangerous and policies. He hopes he can find work on a country that isn’t just a bunch of snobby white people smelling their own farts.