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Anti-Government Protester Demonstrating his/her freedom of speech: VIA: BBC

French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe has called for a total prohibition of any protest amidst the violent protests from the Yellow Vests. Thus speaking, a new law Édouard Philippe is proposing would make any protest illegal without prior approval from government authorities and would ban all face masks.

The Yellow Vest or Yellow Jacket movement was initially fueled by the government motivation to raise fuel taxes, an overburden on the already high cost of living and further government reforms that were falling directly on the middle or working class – while benefiting the upper elite.

It is speculated that the new proposal banning freedom of speech is from the Yellow Vest activists calling a run on the entire banking system. Moreover, there have been dozens of calls and grassroots movements on social media calling for the French working class to empty their cash from their banks. Any run on a bank has potential to collapse the entire French banking systems, giving protesters more leverage in their demands from the Government.

Activist Maxime Nicolle said in a video, “we are going to get our bread back … You’re making money with our dough, and we’re fed up.”

If Prime Minister Philippe gets his new initiative passed to curb the violent protests against his Government, we suspect further unrest will spark within the Yellow Vests. Sure, law enforcement may have the “authority” to crackdown on unauthorized protests, but there is a movement in the working class the French authoritarian system has not seen in decades.

The last public word Philippe uttered was, “those who question our institutions will not have the last word,” Mr Philippe said on Monday.

The violent bloodshed followed with fires starting at the prestigious Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris, rioters attacking policemen, and even with the ministry of government spokesman being rammed with a forklift truck. Over ten people have already died and over 1,400 people have been injured during the Yellow Vest protests. Furthermore, thousands are said to be arrested weekly and throw in the blockades to rot.


  1. violent protests are different than peaceful protests.

    its the difference between the d-day landing…… vs woodstock Cheesy

    i fully understand that wanting to voice opinion should be allowed. i voice my opinion alot even when some others try to insult me hoping ill shut up because i am raising concerns about the buddies they want to protect.

    but we have got to a point where protests are just loud opinions. and nothing more.
    and when opinions and voices get ignored. some resort to vocal nd physical attack.

    what people who want not just free speach but also political change. is to actually stop organising to just stand in a field/road with wooden signs. but instead with bits of paper that say to their local government representative

    “if you do not address our concerns we will not vote for you again”

    knowing in each area/zone/district there are only X amount of voters. a representative suddenly getting a couple thousand notes warning if he ignores a certain thing he wont get votes. is much more pressure than shouting down a street

    so if you are a peaceful protestor and feel you voice is not being heard. dont double down by using violence instead try a different method of free speach(communication) while still peacefully protesting

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