FYRE FEST 2: Carnival Cruise Line partners with Ja Rule


Source: Cruise Ship Party

Early Friday morning Carnival Cruise Lines announced a breathtaking new music festival cruise package and a massive partnership with entrepreneurial genius Ja Rule. Fyre Festival 2: Cruise Edition is set to take place early this summer. It will be the first ever music festival on a cruise ship and will travel to lavish destinations around the globe. See the star-studded headliners below:

“This is totally going to be a real music festival,” says Carnival Cruise CEO, “we are definitely not just raising cash to pay off our massive debts.” Ja Rule is excited as well. “Everyone that’s anyone will be there. I can’t wait to completely redeem myself.” So far, the eye-popping A-listers attending includes Kim Kardashian, various Tik Tok stars, Logan Paul, Elon Musk, Magic Johnson, and others.

It’s the sequel that no one asked for, but one that everyone needs.  Rumor has it that original Fyre Fest creator Billy McFarland may make an appearance. Billy would not confirm these rumors but offered the following quote: “we’re going to sail like legendary sea captains, feast at the all you can eat buffet like kings.” The 3-day cruise is offered at a reasonable price of $2000 per night.

Carnival Cruise Lines ($CCL) stock has decreased by around 70% over the past few months due to coronavirus issues. When asked if this had anything to do with the timing of Fyre Festival 2: Electric Boogaloo, their CEO confirmed it was completely coincidental. “Our stock is down? I had no idea.”

Expect tickets to be on sale very soon.

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