Gerber Kawasaki closed fund after Portnoy trash talks

Gerber kawasaki shuts fund down, Dave Portnoy trash talks
Dave Portnoy Trash Talking Gerber

California – Gerber Kawasaki closed the once well respected wealth management firm after a dispute with trading legend Dave Portnoy.

According to sources, Gerber Kawasaki closed the fund down after Dave Portnoy trash talked Ross Gerber on Twitter.  Reports indicate Gerber Kawasaki received massive redemptions following the highly covered Twitter feud.

The Twitter feud first started with Ross Gerber tweeted the following to Dave:

Ross Tweet

Ross Gerber has been known to spend entire days on Twitter tweeting about Tesla and shaming people for investing in anti-ESG companies.  As a frequent guest on CNBC, Ross has made a name for himself as a smiling goofball that skipped puberty.

In a response to Ross, the King of Wall Street, Dave Portnoy responded with this video.

The video contains adult language where Dave calls Ross, the absolute worst, a coward and asks Ross if he is so good at trading stocks why are you managing outside capital.  Dave ends the video by calling Ross a SIMP.

The reaction from clients has changed Gerber Kawasaki forever.

Getting called a SIMP by the King of Wall Street is one thing. But the reaction Ross’ clients had to the video has changed Gerber Kawasaki forever.

“I pulled all of my money out of Gerber Kawasaki,” Bill Blight, private investor stated.  “If I knew Ross was a SIMP I would have never given my money to him in the first place.”

Thousands of other former investors in Gerber Kawasaki stated similar things.

“I am a huge fan of Dave Portnoy,” Rachel Brethen, former investor in Gerber Kawasaki stated.  “I pulled my money out of Gerber Kawasaki the moment I saw that video.  If Dave ever starts a fund, I’m all in.”

Thomas Collins, retired lawyer stated, “I never realized how much of a clown Ross is.  Thank you, Dave, for pointing out that my money was invested with a clown!”

A representative from Gerber Kawasaki went on record stating their phone lines were blowing up all day after the King of Wall Street called Ross out.

“90% of our assets were redeemed last night,” a spokesman for Gerber Kawasaki stated.  “The only assets we have left are a couple of Teslas and those Elon Musk Flamethrowers.”

We reached out to Ross Gerber and Dave Portnoy and neither have responded.  Please stay tuned for updates.