Gina Carano Sex Doll

“We are a family company here at,” said sex doll manufacturer Pierre Plastigo, “and we are appalled at Carano’s posts that perpetuated neo-Nazi propaganda. We have since cut ties with the actress and no longer intend to run her line of sex dolls based on the Mandalorian’s Cara Dune.”

Gina Carano’s Hollywood woes have continued to grow following a series of twitter posts that compared the current U.S. political climate to Nazi Germany. At Disney Investor Day, it was announced that her character would no longer appear in the breakout Disney+ series The Mandalorian. Toy manufacturer Hasbro also announced their intention to stop producing figurines with her likeness.

The sex doll industry however has been typically more resistant against calls for cancellations than the rest of the entertainment industry. Many analysts suggest this could be due to the fact that many of their most popular products are based on controversial figures.

The Roseanne Barr line of sex dolls continued production long after her racist twitter posts drew enough controversy to cancel her out of her own show. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s synthetic feet remain a best seller across all major sex doll outlets, despite her policy positions drawing the ire of large swaths of the American public.

Disney stars are often seen as the “gold standard” of the sex doll industry, generating revenue in the billions of dollars, making Carano’s sex doll cancellation all the more indicative that moods may be shifting among even the most degenerate manufacturers regarding profiting off celebrities who make public statements supporting white supremacy.

The announcement from likely hit Carano’s pride as well as her pocketbook. The Cara Dune model was set to release in the top ten dolls list and would have netted the former MMA superstar as much as 7-10% of retail sales. The sex doll industry remains largely under the radar, but most financial institutions peg their annual revenues at or above the entire global film industry take. Income from licensing one’s body to sex doll shops can generate up to 50% of a popular film star’s earnings.

Carano has pushed back against the cancellations, signing a film deal with Ben Shapiro-backed Daily Wire. The details on the production are slim, and it is not yet been made public if sex doll options are part of the package. Shapiro is a well known used-sock enthusiast, much more so than synthetic pleasure dolls, but his moves at Daily Wire suggest that the company is pivoting towards going after many of the traditional Hollywood cash streams. Launching a new sex doll operation may fit into that strategy.