Goldman Sacs: ‘The only thing that will stop this bull market is Cthulhu rising from the underworld


Wall Street – “Literally nothing will ever stop this bull market,” Mark Stanford of Goldman Sacs stated.  “We have run our models and sensitivity analysis a hundred times and have literally found nothing to stop the bull market.  The only thing we really see as a risk is Cthulhu rising from the underworld.  But Cthulhu rising from the underworld is an under one percent long tail risk.”

Mark Stanford went to further say how investors, especially old retire folks, should consider putting 100% of their net worth into equities – especially the highly levered high beta names. 

“Look, highly levered high beta names are going to kick some serious ass in the next few days.  If you are not day trading your 401K into highly leveraged stocks what the hell are you doing?”

Mark said the risk/reward for stocks has never been higher.  “The government will literally bailout everyone.  Jump in these levered poop-shows and get casino style upside with Ben Graham deep value downside protection.”

“The only risk I see is Cthulhu rising from the underworld and just decimating stocks.  I’m 100% confident the Federal Reserve can’t bailout Cthulhu if he rises from the underworld – but this is a long-tail risk everyone should be willing to take.”

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