On Thursday a group of protesters set up a guillotine outside the Washington, D.C. home of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

The incident follows [Jeff Bezos being pressured in by congress regarding the sale of counterfeit goods on the platform].

In an exclusive interview with one of the protesters, “Jane Doe” told The Stonk Market that she decided to move forward with the idea after purchasing counterfeit “Funko Popsâ„¢” from the online retailer.

“When I opened it I was heartbroken that it was fake. The foot was supposed to say “Made in Vietnam” but the one I got said ‘Made in Viemam’. Total waste of money.” her Amazon review reads.

Jane got the idea Wednesday morning that she would set up a guillotine in front of the Bezos’ home. After talking with her boyfriends about it, Amazon suggested the product a few hours later. Jane made the purchase and it arrived the next morning.

“Arrived quick, and was easy to set up!” reads her 5-star review on the product.

“I am hoping that I can still return it before the end of the month, so I can pay my rent” she told us after the interview.