Gainesville, Florida – A husband was shocked when he came home from work and realized his wife took the garbage out. “It was so shocking to see,” the husband stated. “My wife has never taken the trash out our entire marriage. We have been married for 45 years too!”

The husband was so shocked to see that the trash was taken out he thought his wife may have been abducted by that silly gang in the Middle East called Al-Qaeda. He immediately hooked his wife up to his lie detector he kept under his bed for safe keeping.

“I hooked my wife up to a lie detector test immediately when I found out she took out the trash. I thought she might be having an affair or worse, Al-Qaeda kidnapped her and replaced her with a robot that looks and acts exactly like her – but takes out the trash.”

“I was relived to find out that she was not having an affair and wasn’t abducted by Al-Qaeda,” the shocked husband stated. “However, having a cool robot wife that takes out the trash would have been neat.”

Stay tuned for next week when we find out if the wife takes out the trash a second time…

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