Eloise Williams Parler

I opened a Parler account a few months ago when my Twitter was suspended.  I get suspended on there often.  I post stupid, impulsive stuff and sometimes Twitter doesn’t take kindly.  To hedge my Twitter following I decided to create a Parler.

What a mistake.  Parler is the absolute worst app to ever exist.  It is like the Myspace copycat social media apps that all popped up in the early dog days of social media.

Scam filled sites that you hid from your parents.  The social media sites that allowed nudes to freely float around.

But it’s the wild wild west of the internet.  A free for all.  You can literally post anything you want.  A picture of flowers.  A severed head.  Hunter Biden’s nude pictures.  You name it.  You can post it.

Despite the anarchic type community of anything goes (something that really appeals to me) I dropped it.  The app is buggy and runs like crap.

So then I forgot all about the Parler app.  Put it away in my phone where all apps I don’t use go to die – the third swiped screen of my phone.  The place no one ventures and proverbial vultures eat the dead.

Fast forward a few months later, to a boring at work.  While staring at my excel model of some ratchet company I was never going to invest in, I decided to blast some trash out on Parler.  Troll some conservatives.  Go all out on the app designed for free speech an Anarchy.  This is the profile I created.

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Then the wild “parleys” from the idiotic side of my brain went into a free for all mode.

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Now I’m addicted.  I have taken my account from a measly zero followers to 150 followers in 12 hours.  A feat accomplished by almost no one.  90% of the profiles I see on there are empty shells that were created then forgot about.  Dead social media profiles left for no one to find.

I want to see how big I can get this.  If I can get it to the size of my Twitter following I’ll begin to write more political trash and take over Breitbart News.  Create the trashiest conservative website then flip it for millions.  Help me get there by following me.  We can change the world.  One conservative troll at a time.