billy james

There is a new ‘white’, Michigan rapper who appeared on the radar of the Ad-Venturing music radar this past week.

Before you get all hi-de-tidy and tell me that Eminem (that Marshall Mathers guy who wrote a song about murdering and strangulating his wife) is a well known white rapper from Detroit and everyone knows who he is already – stop this is not Eminem.

The new white rapper on the block is a fella called Illiunaire.

I was confused for a second what an Illiunaire is, but when I think about it, I believe it is a play on the world millionaire. Fucking sick – literally. The dude is a straight up sick millionaire – ill….(watch this).

On September 6, 2019 Illiunaire came blasting into the music scene with the line, “Money is my only friend”, in the hot new song Outta Line (listen to it here). Illiunaire, if you are reading this, if you need another friend outside of money feel free to contact us (here).

Now we don’t say hot lightly despite the fact the music video only has 2,242 views (but who is counting, right?). Despite the lack of views, the video is bumping. The music video for Outta Line starts off banging with Detroit thugs flashing their pistols, big stacks of Benjamins (I would hope they are not Washingtons) and a sweet new whip that looks like it might be leased.

At this point in the music video I was feeling it. I cracked open a fresh new King Cobra, lit up a fat blunt and kicked back in my chair (twice because the first time I fell over) and started to bob my head to the sound of music.

When Illiunaire came onto the scene at 1:09 in the music video that is when I enjoyed the video the most. I pretty much learned how to sell coke (aka cocaine). In fact, I feel like there is cocaine seeping through my pores after listening to this song not once, but twice!

Then the song ended and I sat with my cool thoughts of tranquility. “Holy cow balls”, I thought to myself. “These high schoolers can rap”. I then proceeded to play the song just one more time…and that is it.

One rant or criticism I have is that halfway through the video a rapper built like a giraffe with glasses comes out and tells me and I quote, “You ain’t never seen a 100 strip why you lying?” First off, I don’t need a giraffe with glasses telling me what I have and have not seen – rude! And secondly, what the hell is a 100 strip? Other than that, I thought the music video was fucking dope.