It’s a feeling of anxiety that I haven’t experienced before. In my lifetimes worth of investing I haven’t seen anything like this before. It is starting to remind me of the dark days of 2008. But much worse, much worse.

US Debt levels are at highs never seen before.



Current U.S. National Debt stands at $21,166,198,5587,362 and rising. US Debt Clock is a wonderful website. Wonderful if you want to panic. Eventually this debt will need to be paid off. This will either happen through higher taxes or massive inflation.

Thoughts of an economic crises fill my thoughts. I can’t even fuck my girlfriend without thinking of hyperinflation. She’ll grab me by the hair and scream at me to fuck her. Instead of staring at her beautiful body, all I see is Janet Yellen clicking the inflation button on her terminal. My girlfriend says I’m distance. I want to cut her throat.

I’ve been hoarding junk silver. Have a stash of gold coins as well. Even bought some timberland in a rural area where no one will find me. But if there is a bad enough economic crises these asset havens might not even be safe. There has been more than once in economic history where the government stole assets from individuals. Guns might be the best asset to own.

I worry about my equity investments. They are levered towards an economic crisis. They have assets that benefit during hyperinflation. But I don’t think it matters. Dark times are ahead of us. Dark times indeed my friend.



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