Hunter Biden Crack Dealer

At the Pulitzer prize winning Stonk Market, we will go to every length to extract the best and most important information possible for our consumers in the name of journalism. Which is why we tracked down, and were able to secure an interview with Hunter Biden’s former crack dealer, Spider Cuz.

TSM: Thank you for sitting down with us Spider Cuz, as Hunter Biden’s former crack dealer you must know you are one of the most high profile crack dealers

Spider Cuz: “I don’t see myself that way, Hunter Biden was just another fiend coming for his fix, more money than most, but that’s it.”

TSM: How did your relationship with Hunter Biden start?

Spider Cuz: “We met at a strip club for transgenders in Brooklyn, I was smoking crack on the floor when asked for a hit.”

TSM: How were you paid for the crack, how much was Hunter buying at a time?