Finance whiz kid turned political commenter, Jacob Wohl, is a true American hero in our book. That is a bold statement. But we are prepared to back it up with real facts.

For a little background. Jacob Wohl, born December 12, 1997, got his quick moment in fame in the public spotlight for being the youngest hedge fund manager in the world. Effectively, Jacob was a hedge fund prodigy operating under Montgomery Asset Management at the age of 17 years old.

Since his quick jump into finance fame, there have been a few controversies claiming he defrauded clients. From our deep investigative work into Jacob’s background we can honestly say that people were rather jealous of his fame and fortune as a finance whiz kid, making the bulk of the statements up. Truthfully, all the claims saying Jacob defrauded clients are false.

I mean who wouldn’t be jealous of Jacob at 17 making Fox News and other high-profile interviews:

Vice Exclusive: Teen Hedge Fund Manager Jacob Wohl

Interview with Jacob Wohl

17 Year Old Hedge Fund Manager – Making Money with Charles Payne

With the spotlight on Jacob as a finance whiz kid, he quickly made his jump into a controversial political commentator on Twitter. Jacob amassed a hoard of new followers with his ‘edgy’, yet wise tweets. Jacob’s big break into political commentary came when Donald Trump, retweeted Wohl, more than once.

We have been watching Jacob from afar for a while. We were rather pleased with President Donald Trump retweeted Jacob’s Tweet. Well-deserved young man.

Soon after the Trump retweets, Jacob set up a website called, The Washington Reporter. Professionally designed, well maintained and journalism full of integrity, the Washington Reporter, provides independent journalism, analysis and opinions on politics, foreign affairs and popular culture. We have enjoyed the Washington Reporter’s hard-hitting investigative reports and very entertaining podcasts. Some of our favorite articles the Washington Reporter has wrote are here, here and here.

We have also thoroughly enjoyed the Washington Reporter’s original podcasts. The podcast, Space Force, was one of our favorite pieces.

But that is enough bragging about Jacob. We haven’t touched on why we think he is an American hero. I’ll give you five good reasons.

  1. Integrity: Jacob’s journalism is full of honest integrity. We can tell he does the upfront work to put the truth out there.
  2. Work ethic: At age 20 Jacob has acclaimed more fame than 99% of individuals ever will. This came from the hard work. Hard work alone creates the American Dream.
  3. Political Views: Jacob has strong political views that people don’t take lightly. There has been a ton of critics hitting Jacob hard but he doesn’t give up. He has the guts to become a great American politician one day.
  4. Intellect: This speaks for itself. The boy is a genius.
  5. Know How: Jacob knows how the system works. He can and will make it to the top. Respect.

Honestly, Jacob is probably way ahead of 99% of people out there in terms of skills, brains and integrity. We will continue to watch the whiz kid. I’m willing to bet he runs for President one day. Or becomes the CEO of a fortune 500 company.