Amazon unionizing

Jeff Bezos seems to be quickly moving onto new ventures after he resigned as CEO of Amazon, it was revealed via government documents that his ‘space’ company Blue Origin was awarded a $720 million dollar contract for ‘Heavily Armed Droids’. While much of the actual technology relating to the droids themself is blacked out and marked as classified in the document, there is enough left uncensored for us to get an idea of what we are dealing with.

The Breakdown: 14 Foot droid ‘humanoid’ type clad covered in Titanium Armed with an array of ‘miniguns’ and ‘light wrist rockets’ Unmanned droid, completely relies on machine learning & AI to make decisions to remove any human error Described as ‘land & air’ weapon, meaning it can not only fight on the ground but can also engage aircraft.

These so far are the only details we know of the murky project, the Department of Defense ordered 10 of these droids with a back order for 5 other droids from the upcoming “Version 2” model which will be delivered sometime in Q4 2023. We reached out to Blue Origin for comment on the manner but they did not respond within journalistic standards.