Logan Paul

Employees at private aerospace manufacturer Blue Origin may start reporting to new ownership next month if Logan Paul accepts a boxing challenge issued this morning by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. The professional boxer (record 0-1), is best known for his work in the defunct website Vine, cancelled T.V. series Stitchers, box office flop Airplane Mode, and straight to YouTube film The Thinning.

Bezos’s net worth approached $190 billion at the beginning of 2021 when he issued the challenge. Sources near the internet tycoon say that Bezos felt compelled to call out the influencer when he saw Paul lose on decision in 2019 to FIFA commentator KSI, but was waiting for Paul’s net worth to reach 1/10,000 of Bezos’s for the fight to be “compelling.”

“Paul had real potential, but now one of the big boys needs to remind him of his place,” Bezos said in prepared remarks issued through Alexas around the world, “you don’t just go out and challenge the top dog in an industry because you were able to make money selling your failures to Gen Z.”

Bezos ended the challenge announcement with a message that many felt was calloused and inappropriate, saying that “someone needs to show this Paul losers that their careers belong in the place where Logan’s should have ended, the Japanese Suicide Forest.”

The strong words set off a firestorm between Paul’s fans and supporters of the internet giant.

“What is this bald nerd getting at? Logan Paul is going to wipe the floor with him and he’s not even like a full athlete,” said one twitter user “PaulTwinsForev3R!”

“Bezos is going to crush him with those python arms he’s built over three decades of beating down union efforts” responded twitter user “Bezosfangurl6969.”

Paul has yet to respond to the challenge, but speculation on his YouTube channel has largely indicated that he is likely to respond if offered a cut of the Pay-Per-View take whether he wins or loses. Blue Origin employees were not notified internally of their company being placed up for a bet, which suggests Bezos has strong confidence that he will prevail should the challenge be accepted.