Joe Biden Twitter

Joe Biden announces via Twitter that he now has a plan to pay everyone $5,000 a month to sit at home and write his speeches. It seems as though, Joe Biden was accidentally given access to Twitter and has now taken to the social media platform, much the same way as the sitting President Donald Trump who still believes he will be President again, whereby confusing liberals and conservatives alike…

Biden says the $5,000 monthly stipend will be funded by big oil which makes this journalist think that big oil is here to stay. Yes, that does mean I won’t have to trade my Hummer in for a power wheels which many people like myself have been concerned with as 80% of the population does in fact drive a Hummer.

VP Kamala Harris claims that Joe Biden doesn’t have the power to make these decisions because he isn’t President yet but she plans to use her $5,000 to buy a new Hummer. Harris also wants to use her stipend to invest in the Chinese EV company, $NIO.

It’s safe to say that the next four years look dismally promising for big oil and environmentalists alike. As usual, nothing changes and everything is different.

Bobby Hill