Biden Covax

In a phone call between President Joe Biden and Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis discussing COVID-19 vaccine numbers in Florida, President Biden called the State of Florida ‘the asscrack of America.’ In the alleged leaked transcript.

Biden: “Ok Ron, let’s be real, you’re vaccinated you know how serious COVID is. Stop the BS anti-vax pandering act. Florida is gonna get hard by Omicron.”

DeSantis: “Mr. President, I am not forcing the vaccine down any citizen of my state’s throat it’s a personal medical decision, not one for government to make.”

Biden: “Ok, okay. Florida is considered the asscrack of America for a reason, we’ll talk again when you’re ready to take serious action.”

The phone call abruptly ended here, President Biden was clearly unhappy with Governor DeSantis’ unwillingness to budge. While the White House would not confirm this transcript, Governor DeSantis’ office told The Stonk Market exclusively:

“While we cannot confirm or deny the authenticity of the transcript what we can say is that Governor DeSantis will always keep the interests of the citizens of Florida who elected him in his heart. He will not be bullied by the radical left into changing that.”