Matt Gaetz Spirit Airlines

Washington D.C. – A New York Times article published today claims that Florida Representative Matt Gaetz is under investigation by the Justice Department for possible ties with an underage GameStop shareholder trafficking ring. The investigation hinges on allegations that Gaetz was operating a GameStop stock boiler room, calling underage FinTok influencers and coercing them into purchasing GameStop stock without any regards for their financial well-being. If convicted, underage shareholder exploitation can carry up to a 10-year federal sentence.

Gaetz has condemned the investigation, calling it an extortion plot against him and his family lead by a former SEC official who lost billions by holding near-term short positions on GameStop in early January.

“This case is clearly a political smear job,” said Gaetz in response to the allegations, “anyone who knows me knows that I already make plenty off my insider trading information and interviews on Newsmax. I have no need to hawk memestocks to teenagers. This is just another example of the deep state attacking people willing to stand up to the lying press.”

17-year-old FinTok influencer Caden Jones publicly stated that he was targeted by the GameStop ring that federal prosecutors assert was led by Gaetz. He posted a video Wednesday explaining how the call went and that he believed the number to be tied to Gaetz’s D.C. office.

“The call was quick and basically said ‘buy the fucking dip you pussy’,” said Jones, “but I had already put my parent’s IRA into Bitcoin and AMC, so I had nothing else to give these guys. Then, I looked up the number they were calling from and it said ‘the Motherfucking Office of Rep. Matt Gaetz’.”

Details of the investigation are still forthcoming. The Department of Justice did confirm that an extortion case is pending in the Florida Panhandle, but did not provide any further details.