Katie Mehnert Thanks Johnny Sins For His “Service”


Katie Mehnert, founder and CEO of Pink Petro thanked adult video star, Johnny Sins, for his service on Twitter this afternoon.

“God love him — thankful for his service,” the tweet stated.

Pink Petro was launched in 2015 as the first and only digital community for women in the energy industry.  Pink Petro has been criticized by Energy FinTwit due to the cringe worthy article titled, “She Persisted” among other things.

“She Persisted” was an article written about the CEO “hero” Vicki Hollub of Occidental Petroleum and the absolutely horrible Anadarko Petroleum acquisition.

The activism Oxy has been putting up with from bully shareholders and the public is ridiculous.   We all read more Chapter 7 and 11 restructurings in the news on energy daily and these companies are led by plenty of “Victors”. Something tells me Vicki’s valiant fight won’t be made into a tv-series. She’s a real hero, though. She’s a warrior, a fighter, and someone who goes for what she believes in. I call that a leader and a role model, one my daughter’s generation needs. And while Vicki and Team Oxy still need to prove that vision, it’s wrong to call it just yetGive her the chance every man would have been automatically given.

No, the acquisition will no be created into a TV series.  And the only thing Vicki persisted in was killing shareholder value. 


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