Kayne West Concession President Trump

With the news that Joe Biden has won the 2020 Presidential Election, Kayne West announced that he will be giving a concession speech at 8 pm Eastern on Instagram live.

The news of Kayne’s concession speech was first announced on Twitter, where major journalists picked the story up.

The hashtag #KayneConcession almost immediately started trending.

Thousands took to major city streets where they celebrated the Joe Biden victory and played Kayne West music as a tribute to his closest runner up.  A single mother was seen crying, covered in tears as Kayne’s song “Follow God” blared through the streets of Chicago.

Political analysts believe that Kayne West’s concession will not be the end to his successful political career.  In fact, many believe that Kayne will run for President in 2024, with running mate, Hunter Biden.