Kim Jong-un Appoints Himself as Independent Director of Facebook


Menlo Park, California – Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of North Korea has yet another title to add to his impressive resume.  On Friday, May 22nd, Kim Jong-un self-appointed himself as an independent board member of Facebook Inc. (“FB”) board of directors. 

“Mr. Jong-un has wanted to become a board member of a public company for quite some time,” a spokesman for North Korea stated.  “Mr. Jong-un has always been fascinated with how much money U.S. board members make compared to how little they work.  It has been Kim’s dream to become a board member of a public company.”

Given Kim Jong-un’s supreme power, Kim finally took it upon himself to appoint himself as an independent director of Facebook last Friday.

“There was little we could do to stop Kim from becoming a board member,” Mark Zuckerberg, Chairman and CEO of Facebook stated.  “Somehow Kim ended up acquiring over 15% of Facebook and subsequently filed a 13D with the Securities Exchange Commission.”

A 13D is a filing required by holders of a public security who want to take an active approach to their ownership.  Typically, a schedule 13D filer writes a letter to the board of directors telling them what their demands are. 

Kim Jong-un wrote the following in his 13D:

“I want board of directors seat and big American Money for doing nothing.  Will send nukes if demand not met.”

“What else were we supposed to do?” Mark Zuckerberg stated.  “We have never had an activist investor threaten to bomb us if we didn’t give them a board seat.”

A report from the Wall Street Journal this morning stated that Kim Jong-un is in the process of getting on the board of several more U.S. public companies so he can collect a big paycheck for doing nothing.

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