Purgatory – It all started as a harmless childlike game. Amanda and her best friends at the time – all pre-teens – were playing truth or dare. Amanda was up. She had been saying truth the past three rounds so she knew she had to say dare at risk of looking like a fool.

“Dare”, she said hesitantly. Bridgett giggled. Susan stared hauntingly at Mica. Mica pulled down her pants.

“What are you doing”, cried Amanda? “I dare you to suck the blood out of my tampon”, said Mica as she pulled a bloody soaked tampon out of her vagina.

Amanda gagged. Bridgett and Susan yelled “gross”. Mica stood there with a bloody tampon in her hands and her pants to her knees – disturbingly smiling. Amanda had never seen a tampon before. She hadn’t hit that age where she needed one and her parents didn’t have the birds and the bees talk with her yet. She knew what one was but this was her first time actually seeing one.

She was totally disgusted by the sight of Mica’s bloody tampon – but she knew she had to do the dare. Hesitantly, Amanda walked over to Mica, grabbed the tampon out of her hand, threw it in her mouth and sucked the blood out of it like she was sucking the marrow out of the bone on a t-bone steak.

That day was the inflection point where Amanda’s life was changed forever. After sucking the blood out of Mica’s tampon she couldn’t get the thoughts or the sweet taste of blood out of her mouth. She had a craving – a bad one.

To satisfy her cravings, Amanda use to sneak into the high school and rummage through tampon and pad disposal units in the girls bathroom. She remembers spending hours inside of stalls sucking the juices out of tampons and licking the blood clots out of pads. For most, it would have been absolutely disgusting to do what Amanda was doing. But for her, she was in heaven.

Amanda’s addiction only got worse as she grew older. In high school she would still find herself sneaking off to the stalls to suck on tampons and to lick pads. She would also carry around a plastic bag full of used tampons in her backpack – pulling bits and pieces of tampons out slowly in class to chew on them.

Amanda also realized early on that freshly used tampons were her favorite. She loved the beginning of the month when all of the high school teens were bleeding. Amanda would follow girls around who were menstruating – waiting for them to change their tampon or pad in the bathroom. Her favorite flavor was the heavy flowing girls. They always had the best tasting tampons compared to the light flowing girls.

One girl named Megan – a heavy set 200 pound girl was Amanda’s favorite flavor. Megan had the sweetest tasting tampons in the whole school. Amanda quickly befriended Megan – tracking her menstrual cycle in a journal. By the time high school ended Megan left the county in pursuit of a boy – devastating Amanda.

After high school her addiction only grew worse. To curb the cravings she would drive around in her beaten old car going to public restroom after public restroom collecting used tampons and pads. In time she had a four hour route that would take her all across her county hitting the best bathrooms for used tampons and pads.

Over the years, Amanda started to build a mighty collection of used tampons and pads. To preserve her collection she bought a fridge for her basement and stored her arsenal of treats. She was 25 at this time and eating upwards of ten tampons/pads a day.

By the time Amanda was 50 years old she was a full blown addict. Not only did she lose her job (due to missing work too much in search of more used tampons) but her family and friends found out about her addiction – embarrassingly abandoning her. This wasn’t even the worst part either. After years of eating used tampons and pads, Amanda contracted several STDs – including HIV, Hepatitis, Chancroid, Trichomoniasis, Herpes, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia.

Today Amanda is jobless, homeless and still eating used tampons. She has cried out for help from her family and friends but none will take her in – in fears she will rummage through their garbage eating their used tampons. In light of her cry for help, she has set up a Go Fund Me page – with goals of raising $25 thousand dollars for addiction treatment at the top rehab center in the world. She realizes her addiction has taken a deep toll on her life and would like to change.

Amanda’s addiction may be the most disgusting thing you have ever heard of – but she is still a person. At Ad-Venturing we know that people come first. People matter. To help Amanda we have pledged $10,000 dollars and will match all contributions up to $25,000.

Amanda needs serious help. Please give what you can to her Go Fund Me and share this story with your friends. We can change the world. One person at a time.


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