Lana Rhoades Nothing Coin

In what appears to be the next bitcoin, Nothing Coin, an alt-coin that literally does nothing has landed celebrity endorsement from the infamous Lana Rhoades. Miss Rhoades, a former adult actress and now full time crypto day trader told her audience that she got the Nothing Coin logo tattooed on her butt.

“My butt literally just sits all day and does nothing. It used to do something when I was an adult film star, but now it does nada. I thought getting the logo tattooed on my behind was very fitting.”

For those who are not familiar with Nothing Coin the following is a quick run-down of the value added proposition Nothing Coin does.

All my efforts add up to nothing: not a thing, not anything, nil, zero, naught/nought; informal zilch, nada, diddly-squat, squat. The same token that everyone claims is “revolutionary” without the empty promises and scam marketing. What’s the difference between a meme coin that claims to do something innovative and a meme coin that does nothing? Nothing.

In other news, Johnny Sins is rumored to be getting the Nothing Coin tattoo on his massive hog. When reached for comment Mr. Sins stated, “Nothing Coin will soon be going places all men wished they could go. To the moon!”