Landlord: ‘I stole my tenant pets and took them to a kill shelter because they didn’t pay rent’


Gary, Indiana – Landlords across the nation are starting to fight back against their non-paying tenants in a rather unconventional way.  “We are fighting fire with fire,” Mike Letts, owner of a 25-unit apartment building in Gary, Indiana stated.  “I have started to deliberately flood my non-paying tenants apartments,” Mr. Letts went on.  “If they are not paying me at the end of the month, I am just going to total that unit.”

Mr. Mike Letts is not alone.  Landlords across the nation have started to take aggressive action against their non-paying tenants.  Cindy Lewis, an owner of a 10-unit apartment complex in Gainesville, Florida says she has been stealing her tenants mail.

“Look, if my tenants are not going to be paying rent, I am going to steal their mail,” Cindy Lewis stated.  “I have already gotten a new Nintendo Switch and 60-inch flat screen TV.  If these tenants want their mail back, they best pay me.”

This fighting fire with fire approach has taken the real estate investing crowd by storm.  Thousands of landlords have taken to the subreddit ‘realestateforslumlords’ to showcase their efforts in fighting with non-paying tenants.

Reddit user ‘landlordslum’ stated how they removed all the toilets from their non-paying tenants houses.  Another Reddit user said they released 100 rats into a non-paying tenants unit.  Someone even stated how they stole their tenants pets and brought them to a kill shelter.

“Operating my apartment complex is my job,” Barry Vogt, a landlord in Maine stated.  “This is my sole source of income and I will do everything in my power to protect my assets.  If I got to lock my tenant in their unit until they pay me so be it.”

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