Landlord quadruples NOI after installing hidden cameras and selling footage on dark web


Dayton, Ohio – A landlord in Dayton, Ohio recently posted on the subreddit LoveForLandlords stating how he quadrupled his net operating income (“NOI”) after installing hidden cameras in his rentals and selling the footage on the dark web.  “My NOI quadrupled after installing hidden cameras in my rentals,” the landlord stated.  “I never knew how cash flow generative these videos would be on the dark web.”

The landlord went further to state how his rental cash flow was cut in half in the month of April and he suspects even further cuts in May.  “My tenants are just not paying rent right now,” the landlord stated.  “I need to pay my mortgage so I don’t lose my asset and thought selling hidden footage of my tenants would generate some side income.”

The hidden video footage paid off – and big time.  “I ended up quadrupling my NOI in the first month,” the landlord said smiling.  “Selling hidden footage of your tenants is a huge cash flow opportunity for landlords.  I’m not sure why I didn’t start doing this earlier.”

Since installing the hidden cameras in his 12-unit apartment complex NOI went from $5,000 per month to over $20,000 per month. 

“These videos I’m selling on the dark web have extremely high incremental margins.  I have the system set up where the cameras are livestreamed directly to a server on the dark web.  If you want to watch the videos you would pay a monthly subscription rate in bitcoin that is directly inputted into my bank account.”

The landlord said he recently closed on a 75-unit complex last week and plans to set up hidden cameras in all 75 units.  “I reckon I’ll be bringing in over $100,000 in cash flow per month from this building after I install the hidden cameras.”

Demand for hidden cameras has skyrocketed in the past month as landlords across the country get creative to generate extra cash.

Source of featured image: Fright Day

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