Karla Blades, New Athens
Karla Blades, Hero

Local hero Karla Blades, of New Athens, Illinois has defied authorities by keeping her bar open, rebelling directly against Governor J.B. Pritzker’s orders.  Karla Blades told local WGN9 the following:

“The police have been here two times so far. (Wednesday) they came twice,” she said. “I mean, I’m only operating at about 20 to 25 percent of what I did last year. I’m a single parent. This is my only income. Pritzker changes everything from one day to the next and I think it’s ridiculous. I think he’s overstepping his power.”

On October 30th, Governor J.B. Pritzker forced all restaurants and bars to close their indoor space, in a weak effort to control the rising COVID-19 cases.  The new restrictions come in the face of the winter season in Illinois where temperatures are well known to go into negative territory.

“Apparently J.B. forgot about the polar vortex last year when temperatures hit negative 50 for a few days,” Roger Wilson, 50, of Chicago stated.  “Does J.B. think people are going to eat a steak on the side walk while its snowing out?”

But Karla Blades isn’t fighting this battle alone.  The Illinois Restaurant Association recently made a statement about the recent “death sentence” J.B. Pritzker issued to the industry:

The Illinois Restaurant Association (IRA) cannot support the COVID-19 mitigation plan
presented by Governor Pritzker’s office that ceases dine-in operations at restaurants across the state of Illinois. Moving backwards in this manner spells complete devastation for the restaurant industry. The extreme measures outlined by the Governor’s team will result in the permanent closure of countless restaurants statewide, eliminating thousands of jobs and desolating communities inhabited by millions of residents.

In addition, according to CONSERVATIVE ESTIMATES, at least 20% of restaurants will be forced to close their doors permanently, meaning over 120,000 jobs in Illinois wiped out.  And with the population of Illinois already in a mass exodus, pre-COVID, we suspect individuals will continue to flee the state of rocket high property taxes.

If anyone knows a good way to short Illinois and especially Chicago, please let me know.  This state is royally screwed.