XRP Ripple

Facing yet another existential conundrum, local man Jeffery piled his entire net worth of $150 bucks into XRP Ripple.  “I am unsure about everything in my entire life,” Jeffrey stated.  “My girlfriend dumped me because I ‘suck’ in bed.  I dropped out of college because I couldn’t handle it.  And I can barley hold a job for longer than a month.”

Jeffrey pondered his entire self-worth while picking an enormous pimple on his chin.

“But I am sure about one thing,” Jeffrey said while eating the pimple scab off his chin.  “I am highly confident in XRP Ripple.  That being said, I have no idea what Ripple does.  I read a few articles on it and was like man this is complicated.  But I am highly confident the future value of XRP Ripple will be worth more than the current value.”

Jeffrey was later seen delivering pizzas in his parents Honda Accord.  After his shift was over he quit his job because it was too demanding.