Liberal Arts Degree

Our team of highly prestigious journalists are pleased to present an interview with Hunter Smith, 23 of Lake Forest, Illinois.  Hunter is a recent graduate from Lake Forest college with a Liberal Arts Degree and is excited about his future.

Background of yourself?

Thanks for interviewing me.  My name is Hunter Smith and I am a recent graduate of Lake Forest college.  I am 23 years old and identify as a male.  My pronouns are he/him.  I am a vegetarian and identify as cis gender.

What did you graduate with?

I recently graduated with a bachelors in Contemporary Modern Art.  I choose this degree because there were zero math and science courses and lots of other cis female (she/her pronouns) in the classes which was appealing.

How much did college cost you?

I only spent $100,000 dollars on my degree which seems like a steal.  My banker told me this is good debt and has a variable rate attached.  Apparently variable rates mean the interest rate will decrease over time, meaning I will owe less.

Do you think a $100,000 degree in Contemporary Modern Art was worth it?  What is your return on investment?

Oh, this Liberal Arts Degree was totally worth it.  My favorite part about college was talking in feminism to get into girls pants at parties. Not sure what a return on investment means so just going to totally avoid that question.  I think best case scenario is getting a job for $40,000 per year.

Have you found any job opportunities?

Why would I look for a job?  The government is handing out free $1,200 checks and I get an additional $600 per month for not working.

How do you plan to pay off your debt?

I don’t plan on paying off my debt.  In fact, I just throw my student loan bills in the trash when I get them.  I’m pretty sure in the future a politician will be elected who just forgives student loan debt so why pay?  Plus I have other bills I need to pay first.  Like my leased BMW.  My $2,500 per month studio apartment.  And my $30,000 in credit card debt.  I  gotta eat my avocado toast some how.