Mark Cuban Expelled From Illuminati For ‘Trickle-Up’ Tweet


Mark Cuban has been expelled from the Illuminati for tweeting that ‘trickle up’ economics may solve America’s problems, according to a source inside the organization (full disclosure: the Illuminati owns this website, and the internet).

“Trickle down means I turn on the faucet, I wash the dishes, I squeeze the rag, and the drips from the rag are my donations to poor people,” said the Illuminati insider. “I mean, I don’t wash my own dishes, but you get the point. Mark Cuban’s tweet was very offensive to rich people.”

Mark Cuban
Yahoo Finance YouTube Interview

Trickle down economics, which is also called supply-side economics, is premised on the idea that cutting taxes for rich people will help everyone, because their savings will be invested, or ‘trickle down’, into the broader economy.

“The idea started with the serfs and the nobles in the Middle Ages,” said David Cay Johnston, who writes about taxes. “The serfs gave the lord the food that they had farmed, and the resulting sewage would ‘trickle down’ into the village. The villagers then purified the sewage, and thanked the Lord for creating jobs.“

The Tweet below captures what Mark Cuban stated.


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