Sunday night Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, sent emotional waves throughout the business world. Facebook’s new product, which has yet to be named, will be able to harvest personal data at an unprecedented rate of thirteen lawsuits per unit.

The ten high-definition cameras and two microphones make sure that no part of your life is private. “Everything you do online will be sold to third parties,” Mark Zuckerberg stated. “Our goal is to sell that 9 month old picture of your niece to 53 year-old creeps overseas so we can generate incredible operating leverage for our investors.”

The revolutionary product also contains an on-board processor to ensure that data is being processed, with or without an internet connection.

Many praised Facebook for its leap forward, while others criticized the limited number of microphones.

Love it or hate it, this is an innovative leap forward, and will surely cause a storm in the business world.