Melinda Gates

Bill & Melinda Gates caused a stir on social media yesterday when they suddenly announced they would be getting divorced, although they had been together for 25+ years they stated they’ve mutually agreed to call things quits. Although the original statement was vague, on Good Morning America, Melinda Gates did a shocking tell all that gave us a deeper look into their life.

She stated conspiracy theories spread online weren’t too far off from the truth revealing Bill had thought of creating tracking technology to profit off the pandemic almost immediately while she wouldn’t confirm nor deny if he actually has created said technology, what really captured people’s attention was the theory of using babies to eat, or take their blood to make old people live 20-30 years longer.

“Bill speculated that human embryo’s and newborns could be used to create the solution to aging, he even speculated that eating embryos could theoretically lengthen one’s life. I pressed him on how he would ethically source human babies, and he stated he could simply pay for them at abortion clinics.” Melinda Gates stated.