Rolex Supply Shortages

Rolex has, whether intentionally or not, acquiesced the Supreme business model of releasing a reasonably limited collection of items that mostly sell out in minutes due to supply shortages.  These watches are then traded for multiples of MSRP on resale markets (notably their Professional or, commonly referred to as “Steel Sports” models). This horological euphoria has continued for much longer than expected, and some dedicated customers are beginning to lose patience: spiraling into rather expensive compromises.

“I’ve been on a wait list to purchase a Submariner for nearly three years now,” illustrates Marco O’Quinn, a self-employed cryptocurrency trader. “I put my reservation in with my local dealer when Bitcoin was at $20,000 in December 2017. Since then, I’ve become both piss poor and ultra rich 4 times, but I decided to cash out a few weeks ago to finally buy a Rolex. When I walked into my local dealer and only saw tiny women’s watches in the display cases, I knew I had to act in case my 100-times leveraged portfolio encountered any unexpected turbulence on the drive home.”

While an “average” size for a men’s watch is around 40 millimetres, with recent trends favoring even larger dials, Marco proudly walked out of his local dealer with a 31-millimetre Datejust. The steel and gold watch comes equipped with a purple dial and small diamonds encrusted into the bezel.

“When my dealer asked who the lucky recipient of the beautiful watch was, I pointed right at my Pittsburgh Penguins jersey,” exclaimed Marco. “When they mentioned that I could buy a new Submariner on the resale market for around $15,000, I instead opted to buy this baby right off the lot! Most of the women’s models were quite a bit cheaper so I got one with diamonds. Unfortunately the watch doesn’t actually fit on my wrist, so they are giving Switzerland a call to order links for a custom 8.5 inch bracelet we can latch on. Apparently that would still get here quicker than my Submariner.”