Jim Cramer Bumble

Well known TV anchor and business mind Jim Cramer had possibly the biggest blip on national TV history early today after a cringey interview with Bumble CEO Whitney Herd, which was extremely hard to watch.

Herd joined Cramer’s show to talk about the IPO of her company Bumble (a dating app) on the Nasdaq. Cramer, visibly bored, decided to try to spice up the conversation with a flirtatious question that had viewers disturbed. Whilst Herd was in the middle of explaining the history of Bumble, Cramer jammed in and said “Yeah yeah whatever, nobody cares, the real topic today is YOU Ms.Herd, you are smoking hot, are you yourself on Bumble by chance?”

Looking angry, Herd tried to be the bigger man, in this case a woman, and simply laughed and said “Hahahaha, I am married, but the app is great, yes”. Cramer red in the face blatantly faked a tech issue saying he couldn’t hear her and cut her off air and tried to move on like nothing happened.

Within twenty minutes of this occurring, the clip was the number one trending topic on Twitter and people were calling for Cramer to be cancelled immediately. Not even realizing what was happening on Twitter due to being in the middle of his show, he was alarmed when MSNBC executives walked in and picked up off the desk and carried him out of the building.