Alabama – A school bus driver made local news after putting his entire retirement into Tesla, Inc. (TSLA).  The bus driver has convinced the rest of his co-workers to go all in on Tesla.  The collation of bus drivers even made a Facebook Page called “Bus Drivers Pumping Tesla” where they talk about how to get other people to invest in Tesla.

The school bus driver told us he went all in on Tesla putting all his retirement savings ($34,543 dollars) into the stock.  The bus driver has convinced his entire cohort of 16 other bus drivers to go all in on Tesla, convincing them, “it’s a sure thing”.

The Facebook page, “Bus Drivers Pumping Tesla” have went to extreme measures to pump the stock.  One bus driver said he has been lighting cars on fire in his neighborhood that are not Tesla’s.  Another bus driver has been leaving voicemails on random people’s phones acting like he is Elon Musk and saying Tesla is going to get bought out for a $420 billion market cap next week.

“We are doing everything we can to pump this stock up,” a local bus driver told us. “I am already up $250K and not selling until I make a million bucks. Then I won’t have to drive a bus with a bunch of stupid ass kids!”

The collation of bus drivers are planning to visit a local old folks home this afternoon to convince the old and senile to go all in on Tesla. “If we get 100 old people to go all in on Tesla this stock is going to rocket faster than a male dog smelling a female dog in heat,” said a bus driver.

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