After a long Twitter feud between the United Nations and Elon Musk, there has finally been a resolution to the conflict. Musk sold his Tesla stock in anticipation of the U.N. plan to release a set of documents that will end world hunger with the billionaire’s money. After weeks of deliberations, they have released the numbers and they claim that this will help 42 million hungry people around the world.

Musk later tweeted that he doesn’t care about poor people or hungry people and only cares about rockets, electric cars, and gigantic spaceships. He then flew his private jet to a very poor part of the world and ate all his money in front of them.

The U.N. was furious and called him out saying he and all the other billionaires are what’s wrong with the world. Jeff Bezos then replied saying, “I’m going to send 10 billion to space and send it to the sun before I donate money to the poor.”