Juul Labs Acquisition
Image by Lindsay Fox from Pixabay

Nestle has allegedly entered discussions regarding a controlling interest of the popular e-cigarette company, Juul Labs. Juul Labs accounts for approximately 75% of the global e-cigarette market.

In the past, Juul has been accused of marketing towards children and causing an “epidemic” of underage tobacco consumption. Flavors such as mango, creme brûlée, fruit medley, and vanilla have targeted an underage demographic and were banned by the FDA earlier this year.

Birth rates around the world have abruptly dropped. Gerber Products Company, a subsidiary of Nestle and popular producer of baby food and products, sees this as a unique opportunity to hedge against revenue deterioration over the coming decades.

“Children are a challenging demographic to captivate, and Juul seems to have cracked the code”, an anonymous Gerber executive stated.

Gerber will uses Juul Labs Flavor to create a new line of baby food

“Look, at the end of the day we recognize the need to horizontally integrate and expand the Gerber business beyond babies and toddlers. This acquisition provides the ability to capitalize on familiarity by offering the same flavors in different products.”

Gerber claims there will be no nicotine in the baby food.

Nestle is aware they will likely face legal headwinds with this, but a source close to the White House reports Donald Trump supports the Swiss because, “Toblerone is a quality product, and if that is any indication of this deal, it could be HUGE.”